I’m a late bloomer on the art scene but was born creative.

I believe all people are born creative and can feel fulfilled when they follow their artistic tendencies.

Somewhere along the way of life, most of us lose sight of our creative power and lose ourselves.

That’s what happened to me.Β  I lost everything including myself in the process.

This is my awakening.

My purpose is to bring lovely smelling salts to other creatives. If you’ve forgotten or buried your creative greatness I invite you to be re-inspired.

My entire life has been a performance and comedy of errors. The only ecstatic constant is the realm of creativity. It’s that beautiful place that makes humanity smile.

I live in Austin, Texas and am insanely obsessed with color, splatters, paint, writing, stories, mixed media, collage and my long gone pet chihuahua. I’m also one of the weirdest people I know.

I have stories to tell.

Messages, truths and inspirations to teach and offer.

Remember, it’s okay to start small and grow big.

Just start creating.



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